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Reupholstering versus buying new furniture?

Buying new can be good but reupholstery can be better. Whilst buying new you often have a selection of fabrics to choose from, the option to recover or reupholster gives you full control of all the finishing details from contrast stitching and pipping, to having it pipped or braided where it was not before, or to make it plain and remove any kind of decorative finishing. You also have the choice of using any fabric you like.

It is often a more sustainable choice as you would not be using up more of the earth’s resources to create what has essentially already been created.

In short,

  • More ethical 
  • Total control over all aspects of the furniture 
  • Creating something you really love and that reflects part of your creative ideas 
  • Creating something unique to you
  • Creating something to be proud of 
  • Supporting local crafts people in your area