How it works

Email or phone to best describe your project then once a basic understanding has bean gained we can then arrange a time of your convenience for me to come and personally assess your project. Or if you would prefer we can arrange for you and your project to come to the workshop where I have a range of fabrics to choose from. 

During the consultation I will give you my professional advice on what needs to be done and how it should be done along with a quantity for the amount of fabric or skin required. Then if you are interested in continuing with any work I will send you a fully itemised estimate via Email or post. This will help assure both party’s of the exact works.


In order for work to commence on any projects exceeding the value of £300.00 I would require 50% of the overall cost in an upfront payment with the balance due on completion. If this is not possible  on large projects a more suitable payment plan can be arranged. 

Collection and Delivery

Small Items local to Brighton and Hove I would be happy to arrange for free but anything larger than a small arm chair would cost £60.00 for each direction. 

Duration of works 

Most jobs will not take longer than two weeks but this can be more specifically arranged based on your requirements. For example if you have ten dining chairs I could do five in the first week then five the following.