I have two decades of experience in the upholstery trade, the majority of that time has been spent at some of the most established and reputable upholstery and soft furnishing companies in the UK.

My journey started 20 years ago at a high end sofa and chair manufacture in Essex, learning to strip furniture back to the frame ready for a contractor to reupholster. Having proved myself in that area I progressed on to learning how to prepare the new frames for the fabric, after a brief spell of frame making I went on to applying the pre cut and sewn fabric to the furniture itself. It wasn’t long before I had also mastered this and keen to continue my education I moved on to work for a succession of family run upholstery companies concentrating mainly on the domestic side of the industry.

Having a keen interest in furniture design and architecture I would always go to the big design shows. Whilst attending a fine arts and antiques fair I was exposed to some of the most exquisite art and furniture from all over the world and was blown away by the quality and skill level of the upholstery. I had never seen anything like this before and was eager to find out who was producing this calibre of work in the hope that I might learn from their expertise. It took a few years but eventually my perseverance paid off and I joined one of those companies and set to work fine tuning my existing skills to be able to practice at this level.

From then on I worked exclusively on fine antiques and with my more refined eye began working at the high end of the market with architectural and design lead pieces. This has included curtains, blinds, designing and building free standing sofas, built in units with speakers for tv and cinema rooms, fitting fabric on walls and fabric covered paneling to help with acoustic control etc.

After many years practicing at all levels, and on all kinds of interesting work, I decided it was time for a new challenge and have since set up my own business and would be delighted to offer my knowledge, services and skills directly to you, whatever your requirements may be.

Furniture Upholstery in Brighton and Hove